Channeling Inspiration From Small Moments in the Past

As people traverse the uncertain times in their lives (e.g. graduating from school & hunting for new opportunities), and understandably get knocked back as they go, inspiration is certainly important for many reasons. No doubt you have heard the old adage, ‘Don’t live in the past,’ but I would offer that visiting the past now and again can be a great inspiration and a motivator.

An Image in Time

Take the picture above for example. It was taken this past December while I was still in school and working in a position that I loved – Social Media Manager in my university’s Office of University Communications. I was hired as a full-time student and after graduating the position was to be filled by a grad fellow. Not important to my point though. This was a time in my life that was imbued with excitement, daily challenges and achievement and leaving work one day on my way to class I quickly, and without much thought, snapped this picture. This image that captures a time in one person’s life can be looked at as just a small moment, a pebble really in a long and tortuous driveway, but I choose to channel it for inspiration and drive.

Job Search Inspiration

I look at this image on my desktop everyday before writing the many cover letters and networking on LinkedIn that goes with a 21st century job search, and I remember the trials and challenges that go with attending graduate school, working and raising a little boy. But most importantly, it also reminds me that I can and have rocked these myriad milestones. This small and quite moment serves a larger purpose.

So, do you have any small moments in your past that you use for inspiration today?  I would love to hear about them!

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