Social web and the evolution of PR: Guest Post for @behindthespin

I recently had the opportunity to write a guest post for the UK-based magazine, “@behindthespin,” which is a magazine for PR students and young practitioners that publishes online throughout the whole year. Though based in UK universities, the publication effectively aims to take a global perspective on issues of relevance to the above mentioned groups. I will provide a link below to the article that I recently wrote for their site, but first, through a quick recounting of how the actual opportunity came about, I will hopefully offer you an illustration of the power and utility of social media and engagement for young pros who are looking to get their names out there through great content (which is a must considering the near ubiquitousness of the “Googling” of people’s names), and to then hopefully parlay it into job opportunities.

I became aware of the opportunity to write a guest post for Behind the Spin when I came across one of their tweets, which was a re-tweet from David Clare, the PR & social media section editor for the magazine.

I choose to get involved and shot a direct message over to David and explained my interest in writing for them. After brainstorming some PR and social media related topics, we settled on the topic of why/how has social media required PR to evolve, and what in fact will be the end result for the profession?

Since the post has gone live, another interesting, powerful and social facet of this opportunity will hopefully commence. Comments and insightful conversations around the piece and traffic driven to both Behind the Spin and this blog because of it, where more interaction around this topic can take place, will surely signal a mutually beneficial and healthy undertaking – the guest post.

Here is Social web and the evolution of PR.

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2 thoughts on “Social web and the evolution of PR: Guest Post for @behindthespin”

  1. I think the cool thing about this is how social media in a recruiting or opportunity sense is a ‘whirlpool’ of opportunities.

    Depending on who you follow and what you tweet about, you can hear about so much great things.

    I think the key thing is to pick how to be engaged and avoid being deluged by too much information, which is something Twitter can suffer from.

    1. Kagem,

      Thanks for your comments. You are absolutely right in that social media does open up myriad opportunities. I think one obvious key to it is to get involved, put yourself out there, but with quality stuff.

      Also, concerning your point about too much info – Right again. I spend a lot of time finding people to follow and trying to cultivate a strong Twitter stream. This way I can cut through the “noise” and decipher opportunity and meaningful content/ideas.

      Thanks again,

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